Travel brochure
The Maldives
  • Money. The monetary unit of the Maldives is rufia, US dollars are also accepted for payment in local stores;
  • Voltage in the network - 220 volts, in the rooms there are adapters for sockets;
  • Time - ahead of Moscow by two hours;
  • The day off in the Maldives is Friday. Please do not schedule excursions for Friday;
  • Religion is 100% Muslim.
  • On the Kamadhoo island you can always use Wi-Fi in the restaurant Nanaimo, it is enough to use instant messengers WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber.
  • There is no Wi-Fi zone on the beach, rooms and other areas.

  • All communications, news, updates in the schedule and excursions take place on the Internet. Therefore, we recommend buying an Ooredoo tourist SIM card at Male Airport upon arrival. Our greeter will help with this.
  • The island has a 4G tower, mobile Internet speed up to 80 Mbps.

The card for 30 days is $40 (20GB) or $50 (30GB).
Before departure, you must fill out a "health declaration". Please follow the link and familiarize yourself with the current requirements. MORE DETAILS
In rare cases, employees of the airport in Male can ask you for confirmation of the availability of funds, for this it is enough to demonstrate the amount in dollars that you are carrying as a payment for the tour. There is no ATM on the island, so we recommend taking the necessary amount in cash US dollars. It is desirable to have part of the amount in small denominations.
Make sure you take the first aid kit with you:
  • sunscreen (better "Pantenol," it is not sold in stores on the island)
  • wound/abrasion disinfectant,
  • patch/bandage in case you scratch coral,
  • tablets from seasikness.

Plus, what you always take - from a cold, pain, allergies, etc. The island has a hospital with a pharmacy, but it should be borne in mind that medicines in the Maldives are more expensive.
Additional costs on the island:
  • excursions,
  • water entertainment (SUP-surfing, diving, etc.),
  • fruits and sweets, souvenirs
  • food in the local restaurant (optionally you can order additional lobsters, crabs)
  • photo shoots
  • massage therapist services
  • possible medical expenses and other.
On average, extra costs are $400.
We recommend that you take out insurance, preferably with coverage against COVID-19, from any insurance company.
  • There are fitness and yoga mats on the island, but if you are used to doing practice on your own, take it with you.
  • We recommend taking special shoes for coral rif.
  • We recommend checking for fines and travel bans. There is an example of a ban on departure to a citizen of the Russian Federation due to car fines totaling more than 30,000 rubles.
    1. Fill in the migration card and go to passport control. You may be asked the name of the hotel - say VILLA KAMADHOO.

    2. Get your luggage. Note that the maximum baggage weight per internal flight is allowed up to 22 kg, hand-luggage 5kg (for the excess baggage is additional payment 1kg - 5$).

    3. In the arrival hall of the airport you will be greeted with the KAMADU sign and taken to the local airport building to the reception desk for the domestic flight to Dharavandhoo island (5 min. by foot). If for some reason you do not see a greeter, go to the counter C8 (located directly opposite the exit from the arrival hall) and tell that you need to Kamadhoo. Always on this сounter there is our partner and you will be helped to get to an internal flight.

    Male Airport is located on the island of Hulumale (10 minutes by boat to the capital of Male) and consists of 2 buildings - international and local airport. From the international airport to the local airport - 5 minutes on foot.

    At Male International Airport you can:
    • buy a local sim-card with internet - operator Ooredoo (inform your welcomer about the need to purchase a sim-card);
    • You can have a meal in the cafe with a great view to the ocean while you're waiting your transfer.

    Flights from Male to Daravandhoo and back are operated by Manta Air
    (site 2 times a day as scheduled:
    TRAVEL TIME: Flight MALE - DHARAVANDHOO ~ 30 minutes

    4. Check in for the flight by presenting your passports at the counter and check in your luggage. There is no need to pay anything at the reception desk.

    5. Please note that if a domestic flight is missed due to an international flight delay, the group will be sent on the next flight without additional charges. The meeting procedure at Male airport will not change.

    6. Procedure for transferring to the boat to Kamado after a domestic flight.
    Upon arrival on Darawandhoo Island, after receiving your luggage, you must leave the airport building, go up to any of the employees and tell them one word "KAMADU."
    The baggage handlers will collect your luggage and transport it to the island, and you will be put on the bus to the pier.
    Next, you will be put on a boat to Kamado Island, where our manager will meet you.

    TRAVEL TIME: Boat trip DHARAVANDHOO - KAMADHOO ~ 30 minutes.
    When buying international air tickets, please note that the latest
    local flight from Male to Daravandhoo at 18.05 (arrival at 18.40), and the earliest from
    Daravandhoo to Male at 07.05 (arrival at 07.40).
    Plan your International
    flight in such a way that there is a margin of time
    before local flight - not less than 1.5 hours,
    before international flight - at least 2 hours.

    You need to hand over the remaining amount to the tour leader on the first day upon arrival at Kamadu. Payment for the tour is accepted in cash in US dollars, preferably bills not older than 2007, and must be free of marks, stamps, or damages (due to the new Maldives banking system law). Therefore, pay special attention to this when purchasing currency.

    All payments for accommodation, meals at our restaurant, and excursions on Kamadu are STRICTLY in cash in US dollars. It is advisable to use Maldivian Rufiyas for transactions in local shops and cafes.
    • At Male Airport, ATMs issue only ruffia.
    • You can change cash dollars for ruffias from our manager on the Kamadhoo island of at the most profitable rate.
    • There is no ATM or bank card terminals on the island. All payments are in cash only $.
    The price of accommodation includes buffet meals at the restaurant.
    half board (HB = breakfast + lunch) or
    full board (FB = breakfasts + lunches + dinners).

    If your tour does not include dinners, they can be purchased on the spot for $20 per. day.
    Breakfast (9.00-10.30)
    American or Maldivian (buffet): eggs (fried/boiled), sambol (tuna with coconut and carrot flakes), beans, pita bread/toast with butter and jam, yogurt, tea/coffee, milk, fruit, corn flakes with milk, stewed lentils with spices, sprouted mung bean, fresh vegetable salad with coconut, rice/oatmeal.

    Lunch (14.30-16.00 ) / Dinner (19.30-21.00)
    Buffet - dishes of European and Maldivian cuisine. A variety of fish, grilled chicken, seafood, soups, salads, chopped fresh vegetables, rice/pasta/potatoes with various toppings and sauces, cooked vegetable dishes, kottu (local dish), fruits.

    Lobster, shrimp, octopus and crab can be ordered for a additional payment.
    The whole procedure is the same as upon arrival, only in Male there is no welcomer. After receiving luggage, you need to go independently from the domestic terminal to the international one.
    Please read and respect the rules established on the island. Some violations are subject to significant fines. Our manager on the island will always help you find your way, please take into account his recommendations.
    Kamadhoo island is NOT a resort (approx. resorts - artificially created for tourists island hotels in the Maldives with villas on the water - what you are used to seeing in advertising brochures). Kamadhoo is one of the islands where the locals live.
    Outside the tourist beach Kamadhoo its prohibited to appear in swimsuits and too open clothes (mini-shorts, tops with necklines on straps, etc.), so when you go from the beach - you need to put on at least pareo, wear shorts/t-shirt.

    On excursions (by boat) swimsuits/trunks are allowed.
    Nudism, swimming and sunbathing topless are prohibited on all islands.
    • In accordance with the Maldives law, alcohol is strictly prohibited in the local islands.
    • If you smoke, it is better to bring cigarettes with you, since on the island they are expensive and not high-quality. You can carry 1 block of cigarettes per person.
    • It is forbidden to harvest live or dead corals, shells and other marine inhabitants from the sea floor;
    • Every coconut palm has an owner on the island, so you can't raise coconuts that have fallen to the ground, you can buy them in a restaurant, cafe or local stores for $2-4.
    Failure to comply with these laws can result in fines for you and problems for us!